Our editorial facility was built from the ground up to accommodate today’s demanding digital workflows and project management requirements.

  • Outside editorial suites
  • Editorial/graphics stations
  • VO booth
  • Edit suite

Edit A
This state-of-the-art room functions as either a MacPro Adobe Premiere editorial suite or a color grading/finishing suite. It features a full DaVinci Resolve panel running on Linux. The grading monitor is a Sony 25″ BVM-E250A OLED display with a 4K color calibrated LG 65″ OLED for client monitoring. Middle gray walls and dimmable 5000K LED lighting provides the ideal grading environment. Focal Shape 65 Studio monitors and the acoustically balanced room deliver a full sound stage for mixing while the comfy client couch, producer work desk and gigabit Ethernet connectivity to our production SAN keeps everyone comfortable and productive.

Edit B
This suite features MacPro Adobe Premiere editing with a Sony PVM-A250 OLED color grading monitor and calibrated LG 55″ OLED client monitoring, Genelec audio monitors, producer work desk with gigabit Ethernet connectivity to our production SAN.

Edit C & D
These suites are identical to Edit B with the exception of the Sony PVM-A250 OLED color grading monitor.

All suites are fiber connected to our 96TB SAN and are identically configured so editors can easily move from room to room without a hitch. All graphics stations are also interconnected to the SAN so large animation and graphics files can be quickly and easily dropped into editorial timelines.

With our near line storage and LTO backup system, you can relax knowing everything is backed up and available for project file handoff and delivery of final assets.

Graphics Stations
We currently have 6 graphics workstations with the ability to expand to 8 on demand. We can work with you to support your graphics and animation needs with our staff and freelance personnel as needed.

Voice Over Booth
A voice-over record booth is available for scratch tracks or final VO. It features a Neumann TLM-103 microphone with talkback to Edit A and video sync playback.

When it comes to post-production, our staff is happy to help with resources, project management support, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge whenever you need it.