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FLEXIBLE Virtual Production Stage

The highest resolution LED volume available

Intrepid Studios features the highest-resolution extended reality (xR) Virtual Production stage ever built and the only one available in Northern California.

The same breakthrough technology used to produce Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” our stage combines ROE Sapphire 4K resolution, 1.5 pitch LED video walls and a ROE Black Marble LED floor with 3D virtual reality backgrounds that are rendered in real time with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. The backgrounds are then tracked and recorded with an Arri Mini LF cinema camera and Fujinon’s new 28-100mm Premista large format cinema zoom lens to create stunning, immersive worlds.

This breakthrough technology brings next-generation creative capabilities to content creators for any virtual event, keynote, broadcast production, VFX project or film production need.

Filmmakers can create dynamic, realistic insert and VFX shots for feature and episodic narrative content in a much more efficient and cost-effective way than building traditional sets. And with Intrepid Studios’ integrated digital pipeline, creatives can collaborate in real time on pre-viz, content creation, shooting, color grading, editorial and finishing in a single facility.

UE-based virtual environments can run the creative gamut—from photo-realistic cinematic exteriors and interiors, to dramatic studio sets, to all manner of abstract and highly imaginative scenes. Inside these virtual worlds, the camera perceives amazing depth, parallax and vanishing points—just as in real life. Actors or presenters can actually see and interact with the details of the scene they are immersed in instead of just a blank green screen in a typical VFX studio.

And when 3D virtual sets are integrated with practical props and lighting, it becomes impossible to tell what is real and what is virtual. Best of all, because everything is being created in-camera, in real time, producers walk away with final pixel, finished material—avoiding the time and expense of compositing in post.

Our stage offers a world of creative possibilities. Reach out to schedule a demo and see the magic in action! We offer turnkey solutions for virtual content creation—from strategy, design and content creation, through production and post. Contact mpedersen@intrepidstudios.net for more information.

Flexible Power & Lighting

Intrepid’s Virtual Production stage includes a DMX-controlled overhead soft box with 4 Arri s30 Sky Panels and 2 Arri s60 Sky Panels so you can match the environmental lighting of your scene. We also have an Arri s360 and a number of s60 Sky Panels, soft boxes, Source4 Leicos and Aputure units to shape your scene.

400A three-Phase power is distributed to three sources (1200A total):

  • Main 200A LEX cam-lock system with floor distribution to lunch boxes, plus 20A dedicated wall outlets for camera and production
  • Independent 100A Socapex cable distribution system to the pipe grid, under DMX control
  • LEX 100A Bates panel located between the two cycs
  • LEX 100A Bates panel with floor distribution

Silent Running

The acoustically designed stage features a new, silent air conditioning system, double sheet-rocked sound isolated walls and doors, with Insul-quilt and acoustical absorption material on all non-shooting surfaces. A full height, wrap around blackout “sound shock” curtain allows you to isolate either cyc and adds additional sound attenuation. The double 9' tall isolated, STC 65-rated studio doors ensure a totally silent stage.

Scissors Lift

A new Genie scissors lift is available for rent on stage. 12, 10, 8 and 6-foot ladders are included in the base stage rental.

Lighting & Grip

A flexible lighting and/or grip package is available, or you can rent the stage “dry” and bring in your own lighting and grip. We can also augment our inventory through our lighting and grip partner, Lighting by Steinheimer.

STATE-OF-THE-ART Production Facilities

Stage rentals include everything you need to support your clients, crew and talent. Dedicated grip truck parking, production office, makeup and wardrobe room are all included as well as a spacious commercial kitchen/break room for crew catering. The commercial kitchen can also be used for food prep and shooting at an additional charge. Our executive conference room is also available for rent on an hourly or daily basis.

Production Office

Production Office

A dedicated production office is yours with each stage rental—with built-in digital video teleconferencing and a Mac mini for Airplay and HDMI output via a 50" 4K smart TV.

  • Makeup/wardrobe room
  • Makeup/wardrobe room
  • Makeup/wardrobe room

Makeup & Wardrobe

This dedicated makeup/wardrobe room features lighting by “The Makeup Light” in LA. This game-changing lighting system is trusted by thousands of professional makeup artists. The dimmable daylight-balanced (5000 K) LED light panels are designed for bright and even illumination and deliver full-spectrum white light at 96+ CRI for a perfect makeup environment.

Green Room

Green Room

The green room is located near the makeup/wardrobe area and main stage doors so your talent is always close by. It features a 50" 4K monitor that can display either a camera feed from the stage, or be used for AppleTV online streaming services or gaming.

Conference Room

Conference Room

A stunning, 14-person executive conference room is also available for rent. It features a Marantz 5.1 surround system, 65" 4K LG OLED monitor, Logitech HD conference camera and a ClearOne microphone array for the ultimate digital conferencing experience for your clients and production teams. The system integrates a Mac mini, AppleTV, ClearOne audio and Crestron AV control system into an intuitive iPad touch screen UI.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan